Elianna Murphy, Women's Soccer

Elianna Murphy, Women's Soccer

Elianna Murphy


West Nyack, N.Y.


The Wheelock College Student-Athlete Spotlight is a bi-monthly series that will highlight and promote Wheelock student-athletes on and off the playing field. This week’s female student-athlete is the women’s soccer goalkeeper, Elianna Murphy. 

In 2017, freshman goalkeeper Elianna Murphy of West Nyack, N.Y. has led the way for the young Wildcats. Murphy has recorded 82 saves in just seven games of the season. Murphy is a strong physical goalkeeper who has made several diving saves in many one-on-one situations. She recorded an outstanding 17 saves in her second start of the season as well as 15 saves in her third. 

Murphy is currently in 4th place for saves in the New England Collegiate Conference (NECC)

“Elianna has been a great leader as a freshman and has anchored our defense.  She is constantly communicating with the team as we continue to get better,” Coach Smyrl stated.

We caught up with the freshman keeper Elianna Murphy to gain some insight on her experiences as a student-athlete at Wheelock College.

What do you like most about being a student-athlete at Wheelock College?

“What I like the most about being a student athlete here at Wheelock is that it feels good to play a role for the school. Being a goalie is very hard. I love my coach and I love my teammates we all click so well and we have a great time together.”

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete so far in your college career?

“It as to be hanging out with the team. We all have a blast together. On and off the field we all take care of each other. I'm very proud of the team; we all work very hard and we stay strong and positive.”

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken so far? Why?

“My favorite class so far has to be English. My teacher is so funny and we are learning about the meaning of life; it's really opened up my eyes on how to look at my life.”

What are you hoping to do with your degree post-graduation?

“I hope to be a special education teacher right away. I want to make a difference in my students lives. I want to be able to have my students look back in their lives and smile knowing that I taught them how to be positive and to keep their heads up when they struggle with something.”

What is your favorite Sports Teams?

“The Yankees! I'm from New York and I was raised to love the them.”