Wheelock College Athletics Philosophy

Wheelock College Athletics is committed to recruiting and retaining students by providing a competitive experience in NCAA Division III sport. The Department of Athletics recruits students regionally, nationally, and internationally – believing in strength through diversity, athletic prowess, and coaching. Wheelock recruits are dedicated to their sport and to successfully completing their degree program. Student-athletes are leaders at the College and are involved in campus life. They are retained by a rewarding athletics experience where athletes are challenged physical, emotionally, and intellectually.

Athletics staff members are involved with each student from the beginning of the recruiting process through graduation and beyond. The goal is for students to graduate in four years and exhaust their athletics eligibility. Coaches work closely with students, monitoring their academic progress, assisting them with personal challenges, and pushing them to excel athletically.  Student-athletes are engaged in campus life as well as the Boston community. Athletes are members of student government, peer tutors, and serve greater Boston through civic action.

The Department of Athletics emphasizes academic success, commitment to service, ethical conduct, sportsmanship and the principals of fair play. In conjunction with the College’s mission of improving the lives of children and families, Wheelock Athletics expects all staff, student-athletes, and fans to act responsibly, fairly, honestly, respectfully, and with integrity at all times. In accordance with Article 2 of the NCAA Division III Constitution, Wheelock Athletics adheres to the principle of amateurism, wherein all student-athletes are amateurs in their sport and their role is as an intercollegiate student-athlete.

Wheelock Athletics remains connected with student-athletes as they transition from students to alumni. Athletics utilizes the website, social media, and live events as pathways to partner with alumni and their families. The Department invites alumni to attend athletic events, visit campus, meet us on the road, and get involved in the recruitment process – helping to attract new students to the College. Athletics encourages any type of alumni support, working with both alumni and corporations to fundraise.

Wheelock Athletes is committed to the mission of the College, the New England Collegiate Conference, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Department’s charge is to grow and maintain competitive rosters and assist a diverse group of student-athletes in meeting their athletic and academic aspirations. Athletics is involved in the campus community, serving on committees, holding leadership positions, and expects student-athletes to follow in suit.  Student-athletes are treated the same as the general student body and being a Wheelock athlete is viewed as an opportunity to thrive and a privilege to compete.