Forms to Fill Out

As a student-athlete here at Wheelock College, you will not be allowed to compete in any sport unless you have completely filled out various required forms.  Some of these forms are mandated by the NCAA and without their completion you would be deemed ineligible for competition.  Some of these forms are mandated by Wheelock College Athletics and without their completion you will be held out from participating.  If you are a new student athlete at Wheelock, you need to fill out all of the forms in the "Rookie Student Athlete Packet".  If you are a returning student athlete, you need to fill out all the forms in the "Veteran Student Athlete Packet".

Compliance Forms

The Wheelock College Athletic Department is committed to sportsmanship and integrity in all areas of college life. Wheelock Athletics adheres to the rules and regulations of NCAA Division III, the New England Collegiate Conference and all other governing bodies. As a result, the Wheelock Athletic Department expects compliance with all rules and regulations from all student-athletes, coaches, staff members and all other interests. 

All new and returning student-athletes must print out and completely fill out each of the following forms before reporting to campus for their compliance meeting in the fall. The forms are in PDF; go to to download Adobe Reader. The NCAA Summary of Regulations and the Wheelock Student-Athlete Handbook are for informational purposes and do not need to be returned. Please return all other completed forms to the first team meeting of the year. Please retain the banned drug lists for your reference. That list can be found on pages 3-4 of the NCAA Drug Testing Consent form.


Compliance Forms
All Student-Athletes
NCAA Division III Summary of Regulations
Student-Athlete Statement
Drug Testing Consent
Transfer Students
Self-Release Form
International Students
Eligibility Form


Sports Information Forms
Sports Information Form

Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Click "submit" and then on the next screen, scroll down and click "confirm" once you are finished filling this form out.  Make sure that all required fields are filled out.


Class Conflict Form
Class Conflict Form